3 Influential Women in Sales Tax

Women play a very important role in sales tax, though it’s not often talked about. Thousands of women across the country help their companies manage sales tax every day by ensuring that sales tax is right every time. But there are three female leaders in the sales tax industry who you should know and follow to learn more about sales tax. What better time to highlight these women than for International Women’s Day? You might know Susan Jaeger from SalesTaxSupport.com, the top resource on the internet for sales tax information that has many expert contributors in different sales tax niches.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jaeger writing articles for SalesTaxSupport.com and know just what high standards Jaeger has for her writers—and that’s why she’s made such a positive impact on the sales tax community. Diane Yetter, A sales tax strategist with many accolades to her name, Diane Yetter knows her stuff when it comes to implementing sales tax technology for businesses of all sizes with her consulting firm, Yetter Tax Consulting. Yetter has trained hundreds of businesses, from Fortune 10 to small businesses, how to make sales tax technology work for them. She’s a thought leader in the industry too, leading the pack in publications about sales tax issues that make even the most knowledgeable sales tax experts stay on their toes.

Sylvia F. Dion, A Latina from Boston, Sylvia F. Dion is an expert on internet sales tax and how sales tax rules affect new ways of selling, like deal-of-the-day sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. An avid blogger and sales tax practitioner, Dion has published her work in countless publications and makes her conclusions about sales tax accessible to even though who aren’t experts in the industry. She engages in online discussions and routinely moves the conversation forward toward actionable advice for business owners. She’s a powerhouse on social media too, coming in at 32 on the Top 50 Accountants on Twitter and she is worth reading.

Many industries show a sincere lack of female influencers and accounting, while better than many industries, still has a long way to come. While 60.2% of all accountants and auditors are women, only 18.1% of the Big Four accounting firms are equity partners. We hope to see it change in the future and more women like Susan Jaeger, Diane Yetter, and Sylvia F. Dion make waves in the sales tax industry and make the industry better overall.

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