The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Tax Compliance

In the ever-changing landscape of sales tax compliance, businesses are faced with the challenge of keeping up with evolving laws and regulations. This is where the option to outsource sales tax compliance becomes increasingly enticing. With the Wayfair decision reshaping the collection of sales tax and the complexities of navigating multiple jurisdictions, outsourcing sales tax compliance offers a range of benefits. From staying updated on changing regulations to freeing up valuable time for core business activities, outsourcing provides a streamlined solution. Sales Tax DataLINK, with its patented sales tax software and a team of trained tax professionals, offers a simple, accurate, and cost-effective approach to managing sales tax compliance.

Wayfair is still making waves 

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Quill in 2018 rocked the world of sales tax. The ruling redefined “nexus” and revamped online sales tax collection laws in most states. While the ruling resulted in big, immediate change, we are going to see continuing ripples of change for years to come. For example, most states have already reworked laws to collect sales tax on out-of-state sales, but there are a few holdouts. There could be additional modifications once the ruling has matured.  

Sales tax laws and regulations change often 

Sales tax regulations constantly evolve and become more nuanced even without the changes from a landmark ruling like the Wayfair decision. Individual counties and cities adjust sales tax on a regular basis, and it quickly becomes a chore just keeping up with all the changes for each and every jurisdiction. The more jurisdictions you file in, the more challenging it is to keep track. Outsourcing sales tax compliance means that you won’t have to keep tabs on every little change.  

Sales tax is complex 

Simply put, sales tax can be confusing. For example, a pizza might be taxed differently depending on whether you sit down and eat it in a restaurant, order delivery from a local pizza chain, or purchase a frozen pizza from the grocery store. The hundreds, or thousands of jurisdictions that you sell to tax items differently, and now that states can — and most states do — collect sales tax on out-of-state sales, there is a bigger burden on sellers to comply with more sales tax regulations. 

You have better things to do 

If you enjoy staying current on the ever-changing world of sales tax, keeping tabs on updates to regulations and striving for sales tax compliance might be a fun hobby for you. However, most business owners are busy making sure that they are running a successful company. Sales tax compliance can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Outsource sales tax compliance to the professionals.  

It’s easy 

Outsourcing sales tax compliance is simple, accurate, and cost-effective with our patented sales tax software. Sales Tax DataLINK is the only patented sales tax reporting software. It is a truly unique product that significantly improves sales tax compliance. 

You can also outsource all your sales tax and use tax compliance to trained tax professionals at Sales Tax DataLINK. You’re never locked in when you choose to outsource sales tax to us. If you eventually decide to move your sales tax compliance in-house, you can continue using our patented software and transfer your files for an easy transition — something other companies don’t offer. 

Call 877-806-7715, or contact Sales Tax DataLINK online, to get started today. 

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