One client recently told us in a free evaluation “I’m so over my old sales tax software.” She was paying a huge amount of money for mediocre sales tax software but had no idea that she was overpaying for poor services. You might be in the same situation and just not know about it. There are signs to look for to make sure you’re not overpaying for sales tax software that isn’t up to speed. 5 Top Signs of Outdated Sales Tax Software: Costs keep increasing for your sales tax software but nothing is changing. You can’t remember the last time that your software improved for the better. The sales tax software company plays renewal games, such as automatic opt-ins or forcing you to renew every year months in advance to keep your “special” pricing.

You still have to maintain a server to run sales tax software and need to employ special expert staff members just to manage it. Automatic updates aren’t even something you could consider. The sales tax software looks like it was designed in the ’90s (because it was) and it hasn’t had its look updated since who knows when. When your business needs to change tactics, your sales tax software can’t change with you because it’s very inflexible. Sales tax filing software acts simply as a printing mechanism—numbers go in and numbers go out without any inspection or change between the two.

Take a close look at your sales tax software and ask yourself if it is doing its job correctly and is worth what you’re paying for it. Shopping around well before your renewal date is a good idea since it can take a long time to find the right sales tax system for you. If you’re stuck with bad sales tax software and want to upgrade to a more robust and accurate system, let us know. We work with companies who are trapped in contracts because we want to build continuing relationships, not just go from one payment and contract cycle to the next.

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