• Puerto Rico Sales Tax for Remote Sellers

    The good news: you have revenue from Puerto Rico. The bad news: as a remote seller, you have to figure out Puerto Rico sales tax compliance. Read on to learn about Sales Tax in Puerto Rico.

  • When You Have to Start Collecting Sales Tax

    Learn about collecting sales tax and revenue thresholds for businesses in different states and municipalities. Discover how Quip, a toothbrush manufacturer, effectively communicated sales tax changes to subscribers. Understand the importance of listing sales tax separately on invoices and how it can alleviate customer concerns about price increases. Explore the concept of use tax and its implications for out-of-state customers.

  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificates: Timing

    Discover the timing considerations for sales tax exemption certificates. Understand the impact of the Wayfair decision on sales tax compliance and the tightening requirements by states. Learn how to develop a policy for exemption certificates and simplify sales tax management.

  • Sales Tax for Tangible and Intangible Goods

    Understand the complexities of sales tax regulations regarding sales tax for tangible and intangible goods. Explore the distinction between taxable and non-taxable items based on tangibility. Learn how different states classify products and services for sales tax purposes. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of sales tax laws for digital goods.

  • Sales Tax, SaaS and Security

    Discover the benefits of using SaaS Software as a Service for sales tax compliance. Explore the advantages of regular software updates, enhanced security measures, seamless integration with other systems, and scalability. Ensure your sales tax processes are efficient and secure with SaaS solutions like Sales Tax DataLINK.

  • Sales Tax Automation vs. Outsourcing

    Outsource your sales tax compliance to experts and you can focus on the aspects of your business that actually bring in money, confident that your sales tax responsibilities are being taken care of." Sales tax compliance can be a complex and ever-changing process, involving factors such as tax rates, jurisdictions, taxable goods and services, and nexus. While sales tax automation may sound appealing, there are important considerations to keep in mind before deciding to never think about sales tax again.

  • Sales Tax and the Free Rider Problem

    Economists discuss the Free Rider Problem in relation to common resources funded by sales tax. Additionally, the article touches upon the Wayfair decision, which addresses sales tax compliance for remote sellers. Ultimately, the article emphasizes the need to balance tax costs and benefits for public resources.

  • Understanding the Sales Tax Ramifications of Affiliate Marketing

    The article sheds light on the potential sales tax implications associated with affiliate marketing.

  • What If Your State Adds a Sales Tax?

    Explore the potential implications of states without sales tax, known as the NOMAD states. This blog highlights the efforts made by Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden and Senator John Tester of New Hampshire to challenge the Wayfair decision and return sales tax nexus to a basis of physical presence.

  • Where Do You Want to Do Sales Tax?

    This blog explores the various options available for filing sales tax and highlights three main choices: on-premise, web-based, or outsourced solutions. While the physical geography of where to file leaves little room for choice, businesses have the flexibility to choose a virtual location for calculating and filing sales tax.

  • Home Rule States and Sales Tax

    Dive into the concept of home rule and its impact on sales tax regulations. Home rule refers to the system where states grant local governments the authority to regulate and impose taxes within their jurisdictions.

  • Sales Tax Depends on Context

    In a recent case that landed on the desks of the Texas comptroller's office, a company operating in the oil and gas industry found itself grappling with sales tax complexities. This particular company offered a range of oil well services and rentals, catering to the needs of various oil and gas sites.

  • Manufacturers Turn to E-commerce

    E-commerce has been one of the most significant areas of growth since the beginning of the pandemic, reaching over 20% of all transactions this year and an expected 24% by 2026. Consumers have grown to expect that they can get anything they want wherever they are.

  • Sales Tax Software Surprises

    Sales tax has been a reality in the United States for a little bit more than a century. Since the U.S. Constitution doesn't mention sales tax, the 10th Amendment means that each state can set its own sales tax. Cities and counties can also have their own local taxes. In 1997, the Supreme Court determined that a state could only require sales tax compliance from companies with a physical presence in their state.

  • Sales Tax Glossary: Situs

    There are quite a few terms in sales tax that sound funny and don't make much sense to people outside the field, and "situs" is certainly one of them. Many people confuse situs with nexus but they are different.

  • Sales Tax Registration

    As a remote seller, you may be responsible for sales tax compliance and registration in states where you meet economic nexus thresholds. Learn when and how to properly register.

  • Sales Tax Compliance Nexus for Manufacturers

    Manufacturers must understand sales tax compliance nexus rules, which have changed after the Wayfair decision. Learn about economic nexus, wholesale sales, and more.

  • Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing

    Sales tax compliance costs have risen after Wayfair. Outsourcing to experts can save over $30,000 versus managing compliance internally.

  • Sales Tax Solutions and Junk Fees

    Some sales tax solutions providers charge junk fees like setup fees and sandbox fees that raise costs unexpectedly. Learn about the problem of junk fees.

  • Sales Tax and Bundling

    Bundling taxable and non-taxable goods and services together complicates sales tax rules. Learn how sales tax applies to bundles.

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