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Every provider of sales tax software says that their software is fast, easy, and excellent. Sales Tax DataLINK is different from the other guys.

Sure, we say that our sales tax software is fast, easy, and excellent, but there’s a big difference. We’re prepared to prove it. We’ll take your own data, upload it into our software, and show you exactly how it works.  Most sales tax software purveyors don’t want you to try out their wares.

They would rather show you a simulated example so that they can control the story it shows. We want you to try our software out with your actual files. We don’t need to control the story, because we know what will happen when you try our software. You’ll be amazed. “You can do that?!” is one of the most common things we hear from people trying out Sales Tax DataLINK software. That’s because our software doesn’t just take the numbers from your files and dump them onto the reports. We recalculate your data line by line and identify variances. You can determine where every number came from. That way you know exactly where to look when you need to examine something more closely.

You know where you’re likely to find proof that you’ve overpaid or a transaction that might have established nexus for you in another jurisdiction. Our sales and use tax software is designed by accountants for accountants. Learn more about our software: FileLINK< RecoveryLINK >DisclosureLINK >RateLINK.  And please, let us impress you. In minutes, you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

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