Sales tax software is a vital tool for businesses. If it feels like you’re suffering through sales tax return preparation every few weeks, it might be the sales tax software that you hate, not the preparation itself. If your sales tax software is a hassle to use and doesn’t make the process as simple and easy as possible, your sales tax software needs to be replaced. Sales tax is a big annoyance but it doesn’t have to be the thing you dread the most at work. 4 Reasons to Hate Your Sales Tax Software: It takes you days to file your sales tax return.

How long does it take you to file your sales tax return? If you’re in for a multi-day endeavor every time you need to file, there are big problems with your sales tax software and how you’re doing your sales tax. Our software takes you through the filing process in under an hour in most cases. You manually check for errors (or don’t check at all!) Our math teachers always told us to double-check our work. In accounting, we normally leave double-checking up to machines, like our Excel spreadsheets. But does your sales tax software double-check for you? Probably not. We see a 4% error rate on sales tax returns because of mistakes. If you’re not checking for them, you’re passing on that error to the state and setting yourself up for an audit. But manually checking? That’s impossible.

Our software checks all your work for you in seconds with the simple click of a button. You have issues—but no one really helps you solve them. Every month you get the same error and every month you send the same request to your sales tax software company. Sound familiar? If your problems aren’t going away, they’re not <em>really</em> being fixed but just patched up to get you through. That’s no way to do business in our book. When you have a problem with our sales tax software, you speak with a person and we work with you to resolve the error once and for all—not just for this return. Completing a return is a frustrating process.

Do you have to use a book of steps every single time you file a sales tax return to guide you through the steps? Does your sales tax software use really hard to understand key commands, like alt + F4? And if you push the wrong one you have to start over? Those days are over with our sales tax software. We guide you through a short process on our innovative dashboard that makes it as easy as clicking. Isn’t it time you stopped using your horrible sales tax software and made the switch? We can show you just how easy our software is to use in a free evaluation. Sign up today!

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