Do You Need Sales Tax Analytics Services?

Some people call “Big Data” an overused jargony buzzword, but really it’s just a simple term for data sets that are too big to make sense of without using specialized tools. For example, if you can glance through your invoices for last year and immediately see that there are no variances, or have a quick look at your spreadsheets and see that they’re clean and correct, you’re not dealing with Big Data. If the preceding paragraph made you laugh (or cry), then you probably have Big Data to grapple with. Sales tax analytics delves into your data and identifies the invoices, if any, that you need to follow up on. Using sophisticated software, we can conduct a line-by-line check of the entire data set, track down any variances, and let you know which invoices are involved.

You spend your time working on getting the refunds you’re owed or coping with identified risks, not poring over data sets too large to check by hand. Sales tax analytics can be entrusted to a service like ours, either as needed or on an ongoing basis, or you can purchase the software for your company to take care of it in-house. Which of these options is a better choice for you depends on the resources available. Is it easy for your team to work with data, identifying the actionable items based on patterns identified by the software? Will you want to run analytics frequently? Do you have enough human resources to spare staffers for the job without threatening mission-critical

SalesTaxDataLINK provides sales tax analytics services. Simply send us the data set you want to examine, either as a CSV file or as an Excel file. We will complete the analysis and identify any variances at each level down to the individual invoice. If your file is completely accurate, we’ll let you know so you don’t have to give it any more thought. If there are opportunities for retrieving funds (we like to think of it as gold dust), or the potential for risk, we’ll tell you that, too. You can put your time and energy into the actions that will have the greatest payoff. Contact us now!

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