Are you unsure whether you need sales tax software or services to navigate the complexities of sales tax compliance? The ever-evolving landscape of sales tax regulations, multi-state filings, varying thresholds, tax rates, and taxable items can make compliance a daunting task. However, with the right sales tax software or professional services, you can alleviate the burden and ensure accurate compliance. Let’s explore the benefits and considerations of sales tax software and services to determine the best approach for your business.

Sales tax is complicated, and compliance is getting harder. You probably have to file in multiple states — with different filing schedules, different thresholds, different tax rates, different taxable items, and different forms.

Is this the best use of your time?

When the Supreme Court overturned Quill a few years back, they decided that multi-state filings wouldn’t be a problem for small to medium-sized businesses because it would be automatic. If the software didn’t exist yet, they said, it soon would. Market forces would make sure of that.

Now, several years later, a survey of CPAs tells us that they believe most businesses are not complying with sales tax regulations. In fact, when it comes to sales tax, CPAs say that just about 2% of their clients are fully compliant. Only about half are even mostly compliant.

Do you need sales tax software?

We know that software from our competitors can require weeks of work and the help of your IT department to configure. Sales Tax DataLINK can be fully set up in an hour.

This shows one of the biggest differences between us and our competitors.

There are other differences, though. Our software has a consistent and predictable price. Theirs can bring big surprises. Their customer service is offshore. Ours comes directly from sales tax experts in Bentonville, Arkansas. There are many more differences.

So if you need sales tax software, we think you’ll be happy with ours.

Do you need services?

But many of our clients don’t really need sales tax software. They really need to have their sales tax compliance headaches go away. We will take care of your sales tax compliance completely. It can be that simple.

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