A CPA often spends a lot of time sifting through spreadsheet after spreadsheet, page after page, looking for all of the sales and use tax exposures for non-filing possible. It can be a hugely time-consuming process and a struggle for many CPAs to get through efficiently. After all, as a CPA you want to provide the best services to your clients but if you don’t bill hourly, you can be missing out on a lot of money when you’re spending your time trying to find missing filings among various accounting file types. Even if you do bill hourly to clients, you could be doing other tasks than trying to make a file that doesn’t fit your software work or hours unnecessarily auditing spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Don’t forget that each time you want to change months, you’ll need to start the process of forcing a square peg into a round hole all over again, eating up time otherwise spent.

DisclosureLINK can help you find a client’s sales and use tax liability easily by accepting a wide range of file types–there are no worries about trying to convert files over to a type that works with your system. Instead, simply upload the file in an Excel or text format into DisclosureLINK and tell the software how to interpret the data with just a few clicks to match up categories. You can even upload multiple files and review periods and do it all at once instead of having to start all over with each review period. After mapping all your data, let DisclosureLINK do its job and it will tell you where and when tax exposure lies within your data. Instead of spending hours in piles of papers, you’ll know immediately what jurisdictions and review periods are trouble areas.

You’ll also know the materiality of the tax exposure gathered into a single place and be able to judge instantly if a client should continue with voluntary disclosure. If your client needs to voluntarily disclose, you can register for the appropriate states and local jurisdictions and start the process in minutes. The time it takes to complete the DisclosureLINK process and receive a view of tax liability is no time at all. Rather than spend hours doing the task, you can move on to other things.

A CPA’s job isn’t to spend hours trying to get file types to agree with software, it’s to help clients make informed decisions and resolve issues. DisclosureLINK can help you do your job and stop spending time doing things that are a waste of your skills. Let our software do its job so you can get on with yours.

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