Congress is back at sales tax again, at least for a little while. Goodlatte, the Congressman pushing internet sales tax forward in the House, plans to hold hearings in the first half of the year about internet sales tax. What does this mean for sales tax as a whole? We’ll be seeing more attention placed on the federal sales tax policies in the next six months but don’t expect any big changes to internet sales tax other than state laws. Goodlatte, as we’ve said before, is unlikely to bring the same bill that was passed in the Senate to the House floor. Even if the new bill passes in the House, it will still need to go through a long process.

If you’re in charge of managing sales tax, you might be worried about how much work federal internet sales tax will add to your routines. If you suddenly go from collecting sales tax in a handful of states to having to do so in half of them, that would be a dramatic change in your sales tax processes. But the truth is your tools should be ready to help you make that transition at a moment’s notice—not with a year or two of changing everything over. A lot of sales tax filing solutions require your IT department to come in and configure the software before you use it, and then to come back after you’ve used it for a while to make it work the way you want it to.

Technology that quickly adapts to changes is a better option for work in the sales tax world, whether or not internet sales tax becomes a reality. Sales tax changes day in and day out and having to plan ahead for changes can take up a lot of time. What if you had a solution that changed with you, without having to spend significant amounts of time and money to make it work? We can help. Sales Tax DataLINK software grows with your company, no matter how many jurisdictions you need to file in. That’s the beauty of our technology. If you’re looking for a new sales tax filing software program to grow your business or to help you weather sales tax changes, sign up for a free evaluation to learn about our software.

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