In a roundup of things people hate about their tax filing software, one of the most common was a feeling that the software doesn’t get updated often enough. The first and most complete solution? Choose a web-based solution that is automatically updated. That saves you from the frustrations of the annual software update in which premise-based software has to be bought and configured and try to make up for a year of falling behind. But that’s no solution if the software company doesn’t update its software regularly.

Go beyond that. Is your software system just outdated? Sales Tax DataLINK has just received a patent for our sales tax software system. That’s because we offer something completely new and different. The old way was for sales tax software to pull numbers from your data and put them on your reports. If there were errors in your data, there would be errors in your reports. Sales Tax DataLINK’s flagship product, FileLINK, recalculates every number. We do this blindingly fast, so our software is just as fast as the other guys’. But it’s also identifying variances and giving you a heads up when there’s an issue to explore further. The new way gives you stronger data, fewer errors, and no headaches. Let us give you a free demo using your data. You’ll see exactly what a difference Sales Tax DataLINK will make for you.


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