One of the things our customers love about Sales Tax DataLINK’s suite of sales and use tax software is that it’s under the control of the user. “I don’t have to ask somebody to upload a file for me,” one customer told us, “and I can use it as often as I want.” Because we all know what it means when you have to ask someone to upload a file for you. You have to wait. You don’t determine the level of importance your file has — the person who’s uploading it for you makes that decision.

So the decision is made on the basis of that file’s importance in his life, not in your life. With Sales Tax DataLINK, you upload Excel files — the files you normally work with — yourself, by logging in right at this website, any time you want. Mapping is easy — the software guides you through the process. Then if there are any variances, the software will give you a heads-up, and point out the issues down to the invoice level. That’s not the only advantage when it comes to operator control. Sales Tax DataLINK’s sales tax software is web-based. That means that you can access it anywhere. When you’re on the road, working from home, hot desking, or visiting a client’s office, you still have access to your schedule.

One more thing. Our customers love the fact that you don’t have to print the forms out. You can file electronically without leaving the program. <strong>Here’s what it comes down to: you can do it yourself, when and where you want to, from start to finish.</strong> No wonder our customers love us! You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll show you how our patented technology handles your data with a quick demo using your data. You’ll see how it works in your work environment… not how it looks in a simulation. Call us now and let us impress you.

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