Knowing when you need to file your sales and use tax can be a struggle when you’ve got lots of different calendars to manage from multiple states. As well as having many different filing dates for states, what happens when a holiday or weekend falls on the standard filing date? You’ll also need to know if you need to file earlier or later around these changes for each state because it’s not always the same across the board. Our calendar in our FileLINK software can help you manage all your dates and stay on top of the filing. The calendar inside of FileLINK is a visual system that’s very easy to understand. There’s no second-guessing — simply look for the appropriate colors on the calendar and you’ll know the status of any filling you have due, past, present, and future.

In this screenshot from the FileLINK software, you’ll see that green means a return is complete, blue means it’s coming up and hasn’t yet been done, and red means filing is incomplete and past the date. For management purposes, you’ll know in just a quick glance what needs to be done, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or yesterday. You’ll never have to worry about missing a date again because you didn’t know about it or forgot. The filing process is started directly in this calendar section of our FileLINK software. Simply click on the date and FileLINK will send you to a page where you can manage and directly file all of your sales and use tax filings for that specific date with the appropriate jurisdictions. And if you ever miss a date by accident, you can always go back and file late according to each state’s requirements.

If the sales tax filing date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the calendar adjusts according to the jurisdiction’s rules for filing. Some jurisdictions require filing earlier, some later, and others allow for before and after the holiday. FileLINK takes into account all of these different methods of adjusting for days when offices are closed so you don’t have to think about it. Plus, when you’re planning a holiday for yourself, you can simply scroll through to look at where things fall on the calendar and find a time frame that works for you and sales and use tax filing.

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