Sales Tax Data: Not Just for Pretty


Do you want a pretty financial picture, or do you want to make the best possible decisions for yourself and your company? If you manage your own expenses, you probably like to see every transaction that’s occurred during your billing period so you know just how you’re spending your money and how you can better manage your finances. After all, details of transactions tell us the whole story—not the overall amount spent. The best accountants don’t just feed out whole numbers. They look at the details to find where you can improve your business and personal finances.

Shouldn’t you ask the same of your sales tax filing software? Most sales tax filing software does one thing—it transfers your information from your sales tax engine to a form and sends it out the door. When you do this, you’re not getting all the details of your sales tax information. If you’re only looking for a way to do things quickly and cheaply without being certain about compliance, then this might be all you really need. Sales tax managers who want to do things right will need all the details of the transaction. You’ll need the ledger of information regarding your sales tax to make sure the books balance out.

When you’re looking into sales tax filing options we want you to know that we provide the intimate data of every transaction when you’re looking for sales tax matters. It’s not just pushing the data out the door and wiping your hands of sales tax—it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty details to make sure your sales tax is right, not just done with. If you’re looking for a sales tax solution that checks your sales tax transaction by transaction, sign up for our free evaluation to see just what our software can do for you. We don’t gloss over sales tax to make it “pretty” so you think you’re doing it all correctly. We make sure you’re doing it all correctly by doing more.

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