Sales and use tax compliance can take days or weeks out of every month for your accountant or accounting team. Sales Tax DataLINK’s software solutions cut down on the time you spend and also reduce the costs you face from fines, fees, and simply overpaying because of errors.

But sometimes you need more than software.

Whether you have someone out on leave, you’re facing extra pressure in the company schedule, or you simply don’t need a full-time accountant every day, you may need sales and use tax experts.

We can help.

Sales Tax DataLINK accountants are thoroughly trained and specialize in sales and use tax. We’re passionate about sales and use tax. These are the people you want to have taking care of your sales and use tax compliance. The Consulting Group of Sales Tax DataLINK is a full-service sales and use tax division that primarily focuses on tax reporting, nexus review, and registration.

Yet, because we own our patented software and can customize solutions for our clients, we can provide more for less. More service, more accuracy, and more efficiency for you. Each of our clients has direct access to an assigned Consulting Team. This means you get a quick response when you have questions, not a ticket that may take days to reach the right people.

Your Consulting Team also works directly with our developers. Since they are all on the same team and not bound by license agreements from different companies, you receive a comprehensive service and flexibility that others cannot provide. That flexibility extends to your use of FileLINK software.

If you need Tax Services support right now and later decide to bring filing in-house, you can continue to use your FileLINK software so you do not lose any data.

The reverse is also true: you can return to Tax Services when that’s the best way for you to meet your needs and we will continue to use the same instance of your software. Our competitors don’t offer this. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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