The Alabama Department of Revenue recently announced a new program called ONE SPOT or the Optional Network Election for Single Point Online Transactions. As it stands, Alabama retailers must file sales tax and remit payments to each individual tax jurisdiction in the state. But starting on October 1 of this year, retailers will be able to access all tax jurisdictions in one spot. Retailers are able to register for a My Alabama Taxes online account, or MAT for short if they already have an existing e-filing account through Alabama’s Department of Revenue. If you’re an Alabama business, follow this guide on how to sign up for a MAT account. If you’re unsure what your E-filing Sign-On ID and Access Code are, check with the Department of Revenue as it was assigned when you registered your business.

This change will save time and money for Alabama businesses so be sure you’re taking advantage of this change. The new ONE SPOT system uses software that allows businesses to only file one return. “The beauty of the ONE SPOT system,” says Deputy Revenue Commissioner Curtis Stewart, “is the software behind it works much like a multi-jurisdictional form.” Stewart underlined that businesses because do not need to file separate forms in the ONE SPOT system it will be more streamlined. “The expectation is that this will benefit businesses.” Be sure that your sales tax filing software is capable of adapting to this new upload system if you do business in Alabama and that it will still produce all the information you need to file using the new ONE SPOT system through MAT.

Our software is ready to use with the new system if it had gone into effect today. Not all states administer local taxes but Alabama is now joining the majority that do administer sales tax filing and returns for all sales and use taxes. However, be sure to check with any state you’re considering expanding your business in to be sure that you aren’t setting yourself up for lots of paperwork in the future.

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