We recently published an article at SalesTaxSupport.com about what the Marketplace Fairness Act changes might do to your sales tax software. In terms of sales tax filing software, things will be business as usual, no matter which way the fight on the Marketplace Fairness Act goes. But the article has some valid points about integration and what’s necessary for you to know about your sales tax filing software.  When you’re looking at sales tax filing software, it’s important to understand whether or not the software will work out of the box with your other software.

The term for the tool that allows software to communicate with each other is called an API and it can be very costly to build if it doesn’t come with your software, either as a standard option or for an additional fee. Weighing out software based on your existing software’s capability to communicate with your new sales tax filing software is important when you’re figuring out how much it’ll actually cost you to use. If you’re considering our software, ours works with pretty much anything because it’s very flexible and can use the most common forms of accounting output data. Instead of having to integrate the solutions together, ours uses output data available already from your existing software in the form of a text file or Excel file and allows you to simply tell the computer what information goes where.

The mapping process for most sales tax software involves sales tax professionals to determine, especially on the side where you need to decide taxability. Sales tax filing, however, is just essentially creating the files to turn into the proper places to report sales tax collections and pay them so the hard work has already been done on the sales tax calculation side. Our software is easy for anyone to use because all you need to do is assign profiles to information. For instance, you tell our software which column in your file is an address, and our software then verifies the information to ensure it’s correct. There’s no complex implementation of API to worry about. Just a few clicks and you’re done.


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