Sales tax reporting has always been a big job. Since the Supreme Court handed down the Wayfair decision that overturned Quill, states can compel your company to collect and remit sales tax even if you don’t have a physical presence in their state. Every state has its own laws, some are still in flux, and many include multiple jurisdictions with their own variations.  Most SMBs need to register and get into compliance with all 50 states. Meeting the requirements of so many jurisdictions — and even just keeping track of those requirements — can feel overwhelming.

Some business owners have decided to close up shop to avoid the process. We think we can offer you a more positive option.

Outsourcing sales tax compliance

Our tax experts can take on the entire gamut of sales tax compliance jobs and leave you free for mission-critical tasks. You won’t be stuck talking to customer service representatives with a script. All of our tax experts are qualified accountants with specialization in sales and use tax. Our office and our experts are in the United States.

For many companies, it makes sense to let experts take care of sales tax compliance. With Sales Tax DataLINK, you pay one price per filing, with no surprises. Get the whole thing off your shoulders so you can pay attention to mission-critical tasks.

Sales tax reporting software

Maybe you’re more hands-on than that, and you’d rather maintain sales tax compliance on your own terms. We understand that. We first created Sales Tax DataLINK because we knew so many accountants who were frustrated by having to get help from the IT department to use sales tax software.

As accountants, we built our software for accountants. We have the only patented sales tax software, and we’re proud that it can take you from calculation through filing with the highest possible level of accuracy.

Sales Tax DataLINK sales tax software is competitively priced, too.

Call (877) 806-7715 and let us impress you. We’ll be happy to provide a demo and answer all your questions.

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