Small businesses have a big decision to make about investing in automation software—is it worth the expense? For businesses that don’t want to outsource sales tax filing to another party, such as a CPA, keeping a handle on sales tax filing can seem like a big task but a necessary evil to wrangle with every filing period. However, if you’re wasting a lot of time on sales tax, it might just be time to invest in a sales tax automation system. Take your time through the following questions to determine if it’s time for a new method of doing sales tax:

Do competitors seem to have their sales tax in check while yours is out of control? Is your business neglecting a sales tax filings review because you do not have the reports to validate completeness? Do you have a lot of exemptions because of special uses? Are there lots of people involved in the sales tax process, from sales to billing to purchasing? How many locations do you sell to? Do you have to deal with lots of different sales tax rules? Have you been audited? Have you ever done a self-audit? What was found? Do you spend more than a few hours on sales tax filing or does it take weeks? Is legal compliance with sales tax important to your business or close enough more your corporate norm? Take a look at your answers to these questions and think about your sales tax filing processes—are concerned with the way things are working? Then it’s probably time to get your sales tax filing process automated.

There are many software solutions available, but which is right for you? Give us a call. Our tax experts are seasoned professionals. We can point you in the right direction.

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