E-Form or E-File, that is the question. E-Form is best for smaller companies or for states where you don’t have many sales in a given jurisdiction. E-filing is the better solution for big companies that have lots of sales tax data. In fact, some states require e-filing after a certain filing amount threshold. Electronic filing is always an option and is often required. Check our “Who must file electronically”  for details. In all likelihood, you collect sales tax in more than one state. Why pay for paper forms when you don’t need them? States provide electronic filing because it’s fast and simple and using it makes your life easier. E-form, for instance, is provided by most states for companies to fill out directly on the state’s tax portal webpage.

If you’re using our FileLINK software, it’s built to fill in as much information as possible for each state so you don’t have to. Instead, all you do is click. For most companies, e-form is all they’re ever going to do to file their taxes and the advantage is it’s instantly submitted and confirmed. Once you click submit, you’re done with the task. E-File is a bit more complex because it involves much larger sums of money. Mostly large companies and corporations use this filing type for states and are obligated to by many states. Instead of submitting a form, to e-file you need to import your supporting documents and have them prepared in the appropriate way for the state to verify. The verification process isn’t immediate and can take a whole business day to even confirm that it’s been received. It takes even longer if your supporting documents aren’t in order.

FileLINK knows not only where all the portals are so you can get to them from our software with only one click, it knows how the supporting documents have to be prepared for the state you’re filing with. Instead of having to worry, you can do the same as someone who is only filing an e-form–click. With our FileLINK software, it’s as easy as just a few clicks and you’re done. There’s no struggle with having to write out paper forms, no messing with a printer, and no worrying about not complying with requirements. FileLINK instead gives you peace of mind it’s been done right.

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