The Power of Software Reviews: Unveiling Invaluable Insights for Sales Tax Compliance

In the realm of sales tax compliance, the importance of informed decision-making cannot be overstated. When it comes to choosing the right software for managing sales tax obligations, businesses often find themselves navigating a complex landscape of options. However, the true value and functionality of these software solutions may not be fully apparent at first glance. That is why we emphasize the power of software reviews, as they offer a wealth of invaluable insights. Whether it’s understanding real-world experiences, gauging customer satisfaction, or gaining feedback on specific functionalities, software reviews provide a comprehensive understanding that goes beyond the surface-level features. Through the lens of customer experiences, businesses can uncover the true effectiveness of sales tax software solutions and make informed choices that align with their compliance needs.

When the Supreme Court agreed, in the Wayfair decision, that states can now require out-of-state companies to collect and remit sales tax, one of their reasons was that there would soon be software that would make it easy. But when businesses buy software for sales tax compliance, they don’t always know what they’re getting into.

The IT department may make the decision about software, even though it’s the accountants who have to use it. Or a corporate main office may make the decision for all branches, even though they will never use that software. What are the criteria for that decision? It may just come down to which software’s dashboard best matches their taste in colors.

This is why we’re encouraging our customers to review SalesTax DataLINK.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important in decision-making. This can be especially true for software, since looking at the software may not give you a lot of information.

Reading about other people like you, who have tried the software and found it useful, can be very helpful.

That’s the main reason people write reviews, according to studies on the subject. The desire to help other people is the top reason consumers leave reviews — whether that’s on YouTube or Yelp.

The second most common reason is a desire to reward (or punish) a company. We had an email from a customer recently saying, “I would give Sales Tax DataLink all possible great stars!  Working with you is the absolute best and I cannot imagine any company trying to do what STDL does for us.”

That review was definitely a reward for us!

The final common reason for writing reviews was to give the company feedback. That’s a big reason we want customers’ reviews. We’re always tweaking our products to make them work better for our customers, and feedback helps us do that better.


G2 is a website that crowdsources reviews of software — nothing else. It’s a great place to go to learn about any kind of software.

It verifies reviews to make sure all the reviews are legit. That does mean that you have to set up an account.

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You can create an account or log in with LinkedIn — in fact, that’s the preferred option if you have a LinkedIn account.

Screen Shot 2020 09 02 at 4.45.49 PM

This lets G2 and G2 visitors feel confident that everyone who writes a review is who they say they are.

This is our page at G2:

Sales Tax DataLINK

We would be delighted if you would click through and give us your opinion.

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