One of the hardest parts of sales tax management is keeping up with all the changes—we don’t need to tell you just how difficult it is to find the time to read sales tax news and digest it. So how can you stay up to date on sales tax? Try these resources: Sales Tax DataLINK Blog and Newsletter. We work to keep you updated as much as possible and the best way to get news from us is to sign up for our newsletter. We round up some of the most relevant content from our blog every month to keep all of our readers up to date.

Remember, it doesn’t include everything from the month so if you want it all, be sure to add our blog to your favorites. One of the best places to find sales tax news from around the web is LinkedIn. A lot of experts compete for attention in the sales tax realm so LinkedIn groups about sales tax are very active and include a lot of commentary and news items. We recommend Sales Tax Cafe as a particularly great LinkedIn group to join for updates from sales tax professionals. Google Alerts For news just for your specific area, such as sales tax in your town or county, you can create a Google alert to watch for updates. Set an alert like “Denver sales tax” or “Colorado sales tax” and Google will alert you to all the news with those phrases.

If you have a multi-state business, add more terms. You’ll get news delivered to your inbox as it happens so with a quick glance you can tell if you need to pay attention to a news story or not. We think sales tax is pretty thrilling — the political and economic causes and effects are fascinating, even before you open your first spreadsheet — but we recognize that there are plenty of people who keep up not out of excitement but just to get filing done. Sales Tax FileLINK takes care of it for you, automatically updating all the information all the time. You use a simple three-step process and we take care of the rest.

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