If you’ve been with a sales tax software for a long time and are happy with it, you might not even notice when your renewals occur or what happens when you sign on for another year of service. If you’re unhappy with your sales tax software, renewals can feel like an iron grip on your company that just won’t let you go. Some sales tax companies play games with renewals to keep you as a customer for longer.

We never use these types of tactics and even work with you if you’re stuck in a sales tax software contract. Say, for instance, you use sales tax software from one of the main providers that have been around for decades in the sales tax industry. Take a close look at your contract and you might find that your contract is auto-renewed annually—but it moves up one month every year. If you sign a contract in April this year, you might be automatically renewed in March next year. Why? These sales tax companies want to make it easy to keep your business by renewing your contract before you’ve had time to really consider whether they’re worthwhile. Another tactic they use is silence.

Most people assume that unless you tell someone you want to continue with their services past the date of a contract, the services end. However, just like gym memberships that don’t ever seem to end, your contract might just quietly push you into another year’s obligation. This isn’t a problem if you’re happy with your sales tax software. We talk to a lot of companies who want to check out other options but they’re trapped into another contract they didn’t really want. But we believe in customer service and building continuing relationships with our customers based on trust.

If you’re stuck in a contract for sales tax software you hate, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your company. Sign up for a free evaluation of our software to see what you’re missing—you might just find out that on top of poor renewal practices, your sales tax software isn’t doing its job well.


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