As sales tax becomes more complex and applies to more companies, the people responsible for sales tax compliance increasingly realize that specialized software is a worthwhile investment. The question is not, “Do we need software for this?” It’s “What kind of software do we need?” And the first question to consider beyond that is, “Should we choose web-based sales tax software or on-premise packages”? On-premise sales tax software packages typically collect sales tax data and return it to your ERP for further processing. They often need integration with other software packages, and it can be a hefty investment not only to buy the software but also to configure it and train staff to use it.

Web-based software like SalesTaxDataLINK, on the other hand, usually requires less upfront investment — both time and money. Those are the first two reasons to choose web-based sales tax software. Without the high initial cost of on-premise software packages, web-based software is much more affordable. You also don’t have the upheaval involved in lengthy configuration efforts. The advantages don’t end there. If they did, then your company might be fine doing what so many businesses have done over the years: jump in and live through it, knowing that soon the suffering will be over.

However, web-based sales tax software has some advantages for the long term, too: Automatic updates keep the tools current, no matter how many times things change in the highly volatile world of sales tax. Immediate access from any internet connection allows efficient use of resources. A high level of security keeps your information safe.</li> <li>Information is accurate in real-time, no matter where it’s accessed — no concerns about updates taking place on one machine and failing to sync to another device. Let us show you what a great choice web-based software can be for your company. We’ll provide an online demo using your data.


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