Our entire focus, as a company, is on making the very best sales tax software we can possibly make. We’ve been working on that for years, and we are convinced that if you lined up our sales tax software and anyone else’s sales tax software at the starting line, just as you might line up race cars, our would pull ahead quickly and leave the others in the dust. Now, we know that we can’t say something like that and expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we offer you a free evaluation. And by that, we don’t mean that you can watch a video or take a peep at someone else’s data. We’ll take the data files you use with your current software and show you just what Sales Tax DataLINK can do. You can really put it through its paces, and we know you’ll be impressed, just as our current customers are.

Here’s why: Other sales tax software just pulls numbers from your data and puts them into a report. Our software identifies bad address information in your customer master record so you can easily fix it. We show tax rate variances in your system, down to the lowest jurisdiction. We completely recalculate each invoice and validate the tax before filing. We provide real-time GL reconciliation to reduce accounting efforts. We provide the filing alerts you need for Home Rule states. We provide nexus notifications. We include a highly visual interactive tax calendar. We provide a tax rate lookup that includes historic rates, boundaries, and tax codes. Our software shows you — down to the individual invoice — every variance, every possible error, and every issue that might create trouble in the future. By the time you file, you can have absolute confidence in your data.

Race cars aren’t for everyone. If you don’t really care whether your sales and use tax filings are accurate, if you’re not worried that you might be leaving money on the table, if you’re not concerned about the consequences of inaccurate data, then Sales Tax DataLINK might not be for you. But we want you to take a test drive before you decide that. Let us show you just what our software can do. It won’t cost you a thing… and you might surprise yourself.

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