Exploring Sales Tax Filing Options: On-Premise, Web-Based, or Outsourced?

When it comes to filing taxes, the physical geography of where to file leaves little room for choice between Rhode Island or Utah. If your business has nexus, filing is a requirement. However, when it comes to calculating and filing sales tax, you do have a choice, at least in terms of the virtual location. You can opt for on-premise, web-based, or outsourced solutions.


You can get sales tax work done at your desk, with on-premise software. This method may be the most familiar, and if you choose Sales Tax DataLINK tools, you can be confident that they’ll work with your ERP and provide a high level of accuracy — down to the invoice level.

One concern with on-premise software is configuration. The high level of customization available can mean that it takes weeks and a large investment to get started. Sales Tax DataLINK is a favorite with IT departments and with accounting departments alike because integration is smooth.


Customization can sometimes be an issue with web-based software, too, but from the other direction. Many companies either have a take-it-or-leave-it philosophy or respond to requests by bundling more and more features into their software and raising prices accordingly. Sales Tax DataLINK provides simple, sensible options that work for your specific needs.

If you’re considering a web-based service for your sales tax software needs, you may also be wondering about security. We often hear people express concerns that a web-based sales tax software solution will be more public and less secure than an on-premise option.

In fact, cybersecurity issues are more likely to start with the guy down the hall who leaves his computer logged in and his door open when he goes to lunch. Your security is as strong as the weakest link, and a secure internet connection is hardly ever the weakest link. A web-based option is often more secure than an on-premise choice, and it can be cost-effective and convenient.


Whether your data is in the cloud or in your office, you’ll still be working at your computer when you choose either of these options. When that’s not the best use of your time, Sales Tax DataLINK outsourcing may be the best solution. You’ll have experts taking care of these details while you keep your attention on mission-critical work.

The best part? Whether you prefer on-premise, web-based, or outsourced solutions, Sales Tax DataLINK provides that solution. Contact us today to discuss which of these options is the best choice for you.

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