When you’re choosing the right sales tax software for your company, it’s important to get to know the people behind the company you’ll be working with. At a small or medium business, bringing in new software is like bringing in a new part of your team—you should do the interview process with new software companies just as you would with a new employee. Since your sales tax software supports your business with sales tax filing and auditing, you’ll want to make sure it’s software made by experts as well as people you feel you can trust with your business. We always recommend asking a lot of questions about any company you are considering bringing and using the list of questions we’ve developed.

The people behind our software come with a lot of experience in sales tax, from both sides of the equation. With years of experience in auditing for tax jurisdictions to working as tax department directors for major corporations, our staff knows what it means to sign off on thousands of sales tax returns and to look for mistakes in those returns. This unique perspective leads us to design our sales tax software so it does the work of auditing your sales tax data before filing. It’s not just for filling out forms and putting numbers in the right places like other filing software. The best approach to sales tax software is to create a simplified and easy process so that anyone can file their sales tax with minimal training and sales tax experience.

Small businesses don’t always have someone who’s experienced in sales tax filing so being able to execute the software and rely on it to do the work is ideal for sales tax software. You can trust our software because of the experience of our staff. As auditors, they looked for mistakes in sales tax returns and got to know how auditors think. As sales tax managers, they signed off on thousands of returns and learned the processes behind staffing and team management. All this knowledge goes directly into our software. If you have questions about how our software works and what it can do for your company, contact us and we can help find a solution that’s right for your business.

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